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Villas in Crete for rent with pools

Villas to rent in Crete, Greece
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Villas in Crete for rent. Holiday villas in Crete, Greece.Villas in Crete with private pools.

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We’re perhaps facing the hardest challenge of the last hundred years for the human race. A virus has created a threat that seemed extremely remote for the western world, is now looming in a way we couldn’t imagine.

In the past, humanity faced equal, if not greater, pandemics. Despite them though humanity survived and evolved. In the same way, we will also overcome. The only thing we need to do, as responsible citizens, is to keep and follow the measures and instructions given to us by the experts.

At some point, this nightmare will end. Until then we should take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Many had planned their summer vacations only to be forced to cancel their trip for these next couple of months, or even more.

We can’t let this get us down. Fear and sadness or regret don’t help. Instead, protect yourselves. For now, “stay at home” and stay safe!

Consider this an opportunity to do all the things we’ve had to put aside in order to work and rush to the rhythm of daily life.

Let’s devote time to ourselves, since we don’t have too many more options. And let’s think of all the things we will do when all this is over!

Are you thinking of Crete? If so, we invite you to read more articles from our blog.

Let your mind fly you to Crete.

Dream of a gorgeous beach there. Listen to the gentle sound of the waves against the golden sand.

Summer is not far away: scientists are estimating that the increase in temperature will help eradicate the virus, as is the case with similar ones.

So dream away! Find yourself in a warm summer night in the yard of a villa in Crete, having a barbecue with your friends or family. Imagine yourself carefree and resting, recharging after having successfully beat the challenge we’re all struggling with now.

Think positively. Protect yourselves. Dream.

Our plans are not canceled- they’re simply paused, and they can wait…

Until then, stay safe and be careful!

We remain at your disposal for any question or comment.

Take care!

Villas in Crete. Villas to rent in Crete, Greece. Villas in Crete with pool.


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Villas in crete for rent

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