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Why Rent a Villa in Crete?

26 September 2018 by villasincrete
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It would be a shame to manage to get to the paradise that Crete can be with all her beauties and capacities for holiday activities and experiences only to undermine it all with a stay in less than satisfactory accommodation.

Booking a Holiday Villa in Crete is going to ensure that you get luxury service even if you are on a budget as well as versatility and flexibility in your vacationing that you cannot otherwise get without paying through the nose in exclusive hotels!

Specifically, when you book a holiday villa you ensure from the get go that you will get ample space and multiple rooms for the same amount you’d pay for the confinement of a hotel room. But that isn’t all!

With a holiday villa you have the luxury of privacy both in terms of noise and disturbances from other tenants- because there ARE no other tenants. It’s your villa only. Its yards and private pool are truly going to be private, available to you and your family or friends 24-7 without any restrictions of access.

With a holiday villa you have the capacity to cook your own meals, thus not depending on a hotel or restaurant menu to maybe cater to your special needs and tastes- plus you have the opportunity of preparing and sampling special Cretan delicacies you might find in your forays at all the traditional villages and their off the beaten path delis: something you’ll otherwise be deprived of. On the plus side, being able to cook your own meals offers you more options for budgeting your daily expenses and getting the best value for your money every day.

With a holiday villa you have no obligation to pay extra if you decide to have friends or family over- it’s your space, and you allocate it as you wish! Gone are the extra expenses required for reunions and gatherings in other types of accommodation.

When deciding to go with the option of the luxury holiday villa rental, you get to choose from several holiday villas in Chania, Lasithi, Rethymno and Heraklion is a vast assortment of features for much better value- thus you are able to pick the perfect villa for you, from the simple and traditional to the luxurious and lush, from beachfront with private pools to isolated with great view- and a private pool. There is pampering to be had for every budget, and true holiday freedom!

So don’t hesitate, go ahead and book your villa– secure your own personal luxury resort!

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