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30 December 2018

Stavros, Chania – Where the famous movie Zorba the Greek was filmed

Stavros beach on Crete island, Greece.

Stavros beach on Crete island, Greece.


15 klm from the city of Chania, you will find the town of Stavros (which means ‘Cross’ in Greek). It is the area where the famous movie Zorba the Greek (Directed by Michael Cacoyannis. With Anthony Quinn, Alan Bates, Irene Papas, Lila Kedrova) was filmed, though at the time it was only a small village and the areas surrounding it wild. The movie is based on the novel ‘Zorba the Greek‘ by Nikos Kazantzakis.

Now, instead of the small rustic village you will find a small town, specialized in providing you with the best possible experience visiting Stavros. Although it is so very developed and tourist-specialized, Stavros has managed not to lose even a tiny bit of the charm it surrounded Antony Quinn with while he was dancing the sirtaki. On the contrary, it is only providing you with comfort and amenities in the highest possible unobtrusive manner for you to enjoy your relaxing, quiet vacations as well as rest from your ventures and night life in the nearby city of Chania.

From the movie ‘Zorba the Greek’ (1964). Stavros Beach, Crete.


Stavros has two beaches. One, at the east side, is an enclosed lagoon of a seaside, which will protect you from the frequent winds that customarily blow in this side of the island. The beach itself boasts warm sands and warm, shallow waters, perfect for families with young children. The waters are clear and blue-green, and the beach amenities complete as the beach is fully organized. It’s very much like a natural pool, with the very characteristic Stavros hill looming over it protectively.

The second beach of Stavros at the north side isn’t as protected, and so you’ll find its sea often affected by the winds- a perfect condition for wind surfing among other things!  Its sand is interwoven by clusters of rocks, and attracts less tourists than the pond-like one as it is far less organized. At Stavros, then, you’ll have a choice between luxury and wilderness, but no compromise on beauty!

As far as entertainment in concerned, Stavros provides very frugal means- it’s geared to provide you with a quiet, restful environment so that you can let go of your tiredness and exhaustion from day to day routine and work. You will only find traditional tavernas and small mini markets for essentials, rather than anything more extravagant. But if you do wish for more variety and night life options, the city of Chania is where you want to go for a night on the town! It’s where residents and tourists customarily go for night life options, and there is a vast array to choose from there! And when you are tired and done with those, Stavros will be waiting to give you a restful, undisturbed sleep with its quiet only broken by the sea’s soothing sounds.


Teach me to dance… Will you ? ‘ A single scene, perhaps the most philosophical dance ever danced by human beings on our planet! . It shows everything about life: Love, friendship, hope after failure.

Zorba the Greek (film)

Edited by Michael Cacoyannis

Music by Mikis Theodorakis

Anthony Quinn
Alan Bates
Irene Papas
Lila Kedrova
Sotiris Moustakas
Anna Kyriakou

Extra information on IMDb

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