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13 February 2019

How Much Can I Trust Review Sites When I Book my Vacation Villa?

 It’s always a comfort when you can trust the experience of others to be able to design and choose the best possible solutions for your vacations. After all, the time and money you invest should at least yield what your heart needs and what your mind imagines you will get from it when you travel.

How Much Can I Trust Review Sites When I Book my Vacation Villa?

Reviews can be urchins


But how easy is it?

 There are a lot of review sites where you can get the opinions of other travelers and other users about how they felt in the venues, villas, hotels and places you too are considering to visit. But how much, and especially when can you trust them? How much should you gamble when you make your choice, and is there any failsafe to put in place, in case the deal isn’t what you were looking for?

 There are many occurrences, even social experiments performed, where reviews in review sites aren’t accurate, or may be the result of malicious intent or even the sincere yet unfair, unbalanced or unfortunate review of people who simply aren’t in a position to give sound and reliable reports. There’s also possibly inaccurate positive reviews created as an indirect promotional campaign that also will confound your efforts to make a proper choice when designing your vacation.

What is there available to limit the risk and maximize the gain?

  What you can use is a tourist office or tourist agent. In this case, unlike with the case of the review sites, you are the client and hence you are the person the agent will be seeking to please and keep pleased throughout the vacations booked for you. The tourist officer will be with you every step of the way, and help you design your vacations in such a way that they’re best suited to your needs, your wallet and your interests. Should something go wrong, the tourist agent will sort it out for you, intervening on your behalf to resolve issues and help you have as seamless an experience as possible.

  Especially when it comes to choosing the right accommodation for you, a tourist officer is far better equipped to present you with options, which you can then research yourself and double check before you decide on. Using a tourist office to pick a villa or a proper vacation house especially gives you the extra opportunity to further customize your vacations to suit your needs, while feeling reassured that your officer will also ensure that your experience in your chosen villa or house will be as you expect it to be, something that no review site can ever provide for you.

  In the long run, a tourist officer or travel agent can be a time saver, a money saver and a life saver while you’re travelling in a foreign country with people possibly speaking a foreign language- a helping hand and a life line that you can always double check on using any review site you like! But unlike the review site, your officer will want to please you, not its assorted multitude of users.




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